UCEP Bangladesh is a non-profit and non-governmental organization aims to uplift the socio-economic conditions of underprivileged communities through help to learn skills to earn. UCEP stands for Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs; however, we prefer to use the short form i.e. UCEP because UCEP also extends its supports to the youth from the underprivileged communities as a response to the changing needs and contexts. UCEP is working since 1972 and more about our history is available in the history section of the website.

We bring drop-out children back to education, provide vocational skills training and offer job-placement supports to the youth graduates. UCEP has 44 Schools where free of cost grade 5 to 8 education is provided in 3.5 years. The students can appear for PECE (Primary Education Completion Examination) and JSCE (Junior School Completion Examination). The program also include a 6 months remedial course targeting to improve reading-writing (in Bangla and and numeracy skills of children who dropped out at early grades. The education program follows the national curriculum adjusted to the time constraint.   

After Grade 8, the students have option to study in Grade 9 – 10 in 5 UCEP schools that offer S.S.C. (Vocational).

Those who are interested join free of cost 3 - 6 months training course on various vocational trades (in readymade garments, textile, electrical and electronics, construction, furniture, catering, manufacturing and other sectors). After the training courses, UCEP offer job-placement supports as well as entrepreneurship development training. Youth from non-UCEP schools can also join the courses that run in three shift including evening courses. UCEP has a track record of 95% employment of job-seeking graduates within first six months of course completion. 

UCEP has a community mobilization function that promotes rights of children and women to ensure their education, skills training and access to employment.

UCEP operates UIST (UCEP Institute of Science and Technology) which offers 4 years diploma in Engineering course. This is a fee-based program target to save from the revenue and cross-subsidize skills training for the underprivileged. We also look for supporters to provide scholarships to those who cannot afford education in UIST.   

There are 1,277 staff (32% female) among which majority are teachers/instructors. There are 54 Schools of which 10 are technical schools and the rest 44 are general. Most of these schools are on the organization’s own land. UCEP’s has a strong Financial and Accounting team and computerized accounting system. There is an Internal Audit team that reports to the Financial Accounting Committee of BoG. UCEP has Monitoring Evaluation Research team for program quality and learning purpose. Besides, through a number of external audits and evaluations, the program quality and processes are continuously monitored and evaluated. There is also a high practice of shared-learning that is facilitated through various forums including regular researches, progress reviews and retreats. The asset and inventory management system is also very strong with regular fixed asset checking practices. There is a Marketing and partnership Development department to ensure promoting UCEP’s and its partners’ branding for more mobilizing supports.